October 19-24th Budapest Lecture 

Nov 11-12th Berlin: Kulturen des Performativen "Attention"

Dec 9/10 Bochum: Industrial Film

Jan 19/20 Hamburg lectures on Blockbuster Cinema 
Jan 21/23 Bremen lecture on Parapractical Criticism & Forrest Gump

Feb Dresden lecture: Hitchcock & Lang 

March 24-25 Concordia University, Montreal Hermeneutics and its Discontents
March 31-April 3 London: SCMS keynote speech

April 4-6 London: Fortress Europe keynote lecture
April 6-9 Cinema and Technology Conference, Lancaster: keynote lecture (convergence/divergence: 

May/June Stockholm: Ingmar Bergman lecture 
June 6-11 Archive Lecture: Ljubljana FIAF conference 

June 25-27 Organization, ASCA Cinema Europe conference, Amsterdam


Invited Lectures:
• Feb 9 Lecture on European Television, University of Strasbourg
• March 27-29th 3 Lectures on Early Cinema, University of Bergen
• April 9th The Film Studies Lecture 'After Lumiere', Princeton University
• April 14/15 'The Future of Film Studies' St Michael's College, Santa Fe
• Aug 30th Edgar Reitz' Die Zweite Heimat, Lecture at the Protestant Academy Kassel-Hofgeismar
• Sept 10-15th 3 Lectures on Classical Hollywood Cinema, University of Bergen
• October 3rd 'Canon Formation and German Cinema' Lecture at the Goethe Institute, London
• October 4th 'The 1930s: Modernity vs Modernism or the 'End of an Era'? Lecture at Birkbeck College/The British Film Institute, London
• Oct 15th 'The Post-Classical Cinema' Lecture at the University of Bergen
• November 16th 'A Second Life for Early German Cinema?' Lecture at the Freunde der Deutschen Kinemathek, Berlin, to open Max Mack Retrospective

International Conferences:
• March 23rd 'Film History and Early Cinema: A Case for Case Studies or Recasting it All?' paper given at the Hondert Jaar Bioskoop Conference, Univ of Amsterdam
• April 13th 'Pragmatics: Between Cognitivism, Psychoanalysis and Cultural Studies' paper at the 'Global Media' Conference, University of Chicago
• May 31st 'Time Travel and Put-Upon Paternity: from Back to the Future to Twelve Monkeys' paper at the Tender Bodies Twisted Minds conference, University of Amsterdam
• June 5th 'Time Travel, the Millenium and Trauma' paper at the 'Blurred Boundaries' conference, University of Tel-Aviv
• October 11th 'The Seven Sins of Subject-Theory', paper at the The Subject on/off Screen' at the French Institute, Vienna
• October 19th 'Loving the Other' paper at the 'European Images of the Other' conference, Centre for European Studies, University of Bergen
• November 29th 'Vom Nutzen der Enttäuschung: Filmkritik zwischen Cinephilie und Nekrophilie' paper at the 'Filmkritik: Bestandsaufnahme und Perspektiven' conference, University of Bremen
• December 19th 'Pathé en Allemagne' paper at the Domitor Conference in Paris


• 'Re-reading the Classic Film Image' University of Vienna, January 1995
• 'The Anamophoses of Slavoj Zizek' University of Vienna February 1995
• 'The Video Image: Body and Space' University of Vienna, February 1995
• 'The Fantasy Histories of Film Noir' Society for Cinema Studies, New York, 2-5 March 1995
• 'Tendencies of Modernism and Modernisation in the Cinema of the "Third Reich"', lecture at the Goethe Institute, Bergen, Norway, March 17th, 1995
• 'Robert Siodmak and Film Noir' American Centre, Paris, March 18-20th 1995
• 'Aux Origines de la mise-en-scene chez Fritz Lang' at the Fritz Lang Conference, Centre de Paraliterature, Liege), March 31st/April 1st, 1995
• 'The Limits of Representation: History and Trauma' (ASCA Representation Seminar), April 28th, 1995
• 'Writing and Rewriting Film History: A Report from the War Zone' keynote address, Society of Scandinavian Media Scholars, Oslo, May 8-9th, 1995)
• 'Towards a Post-Classical Cinema: Representation or Figuration?' (University of Oslo, May 10th, 1995)
• 'Introducing Slavoj Zizek' (Amsterdam, Felix Meritis, May 11th, 1995)
• 'History and Hyperbole: An Archeology of Interactive Systems', keynote speaker at the Word and Image Conference, Lund Sweden (May 15-19th)
• 'Gibt es eine 'deutsche' Filmgeschichte?' keynote lecture in the Hundert Jahre Kino cycle, Hochschule der Kunste at the Arsenal, Berlin (May 23rd, 1995)
• 'Die Ware Liebe: Lola', keynote address at the Eine Feier für Rainer W Fassbinder conference, Filmmmuseum Munich, Germany May 27th-28th, 1995
• 'Apres Lumire: une invention sans avenir, dans l'avenir', paper at Le Siecle de Lumiere Conference, Lyon (June 7-10th, 1995)
• 'Early German Cinema: A Case for Case Studies or Recasting it All? keynote lecture at the European Cinema 1895-1900 Conference, The Museum of Film and Photography, Bradford, England (June 15-19, 95)
• 'The Cinema after Lumiere: Re-reading the 'Origins' of the Filmic Image' International ASCA Cultural Analysis Conference, Amsterdam June 27-30th, 1995
• 'Realität zeigen' keynote lecture at Die Botschaft der Bilder conference, Stuttgart, Germany (Sept 25-27th, 1995)
• 'Archäologien möglicher Zukunft: Edison vs Lumiere' lecture at the Film im Ensemble der Künste um 1900 conference, Universität Marburg, Germany (Oct 2-4 1995)
• 'Loving the Other: Fassbinder and European Cinema' lecture at Magdalen College, Oxford University, England (November 1st, 1995)
• 'Charakter-Rollen im frühen deutschen Film', paper at the Deutsche Filmgeschichte von Caligari bis Maria Braun conference, Universität Mainz, Germany (November 13-15, 1995)



• 'Teaching Television Today', Dept of Media Studies, University of Trondheim, Norway (13 March, 1994)
• 'The Vexed Question of "Enunciation"' paper at the 'Subjectivity in the Cinema' University of Bergen (20 March, 1994)
• 'One Train May be Hiding Another: History and Memory', paper at the 'Turbulent Europe' conference, London (2-5 June, 1994)
• 'The Movie Myths of the European Cinema', paper at the 'European Cultural Rights' conference, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebek (Denmark) (June 16-19, 1994)
• 'Does the Cinema have a "Soul" - Edgar Morin and Parker Tyler' paper given at the Italian Film Critics' Conference, Locarno (Switzerland) (August 5-7, 1994)
• 'Specularity and Engulfment: From Postmodern to Post-classical Cinema', lecture at the Erasmus American Studies conference, Free University Berlin (Sept 12, 1994)
• 'Breaking Up the Subject', lecture at the 'Identities and Subjectivities' workshop, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) (Dec 8, 1994)
• 'The Uses of Disenchantment: Hollywood and French Cinephilie' lecture at the 'La Pensée Voyageuse' conference, Amsterdam (Dec 14, 1994)

• 'Harun Farocki: Showing it "How it Is", presentation, National Film Theatre, London (6 Feb, 1993)
• 'Towards a Non-Linear History: European Cinemas since 1945', lecture at the University of Bergen (12 May, 1993)
• 'Film Studies and the Crisis of the Object', University of Lodz, Poland (28 May, 1993)
• 'Fathers and Sons: Post-war German Cinema and Hollywood' at the Europe/America conference, British Film Institute, London (24-25 Sept, 1993)
• 'Modernity and Modernization in the Cinema of the Third Reich', at the Schermi Germanici conference, Pesaro (18-24 October, 1993)
• 'Ein Rettungsboot auf der Titanic?' University of Vienna (22 November 1993)
• 'In Memoriam: Lily Latté', invited lecture at Synema: Gesellschaft für Filmtheorie, Vienna (23 November 1993) 



21/24 Nov, 1991 'Zur Frage des "Exils" in England und den USA', paper at the E.A. Dupont/Cinegraph Conference, Hamburg
• 'The New German Cinema: Neither New nor German?', invited lecture at the Media Studies Department, University of Copenhagen (28/29 November, 1991)
• 'Television in Transition' Stanford University (28 January, 1992)
• 'Television in Transition' University of California, Santa Cruz (29 January 1992)
• 'Technologies of Representation', University of California, Berkeley (30 January 1992)
• 'The Trouble with Reality' paper for the conference 'Towards a pragmatics of the audiovisual', Universiteit van Amsterdam (March, 1992)
• 'Why Early Cinema?' lecture at the Summer Cinema workshop, University of Complutense, Madrid, (April, 1992)
• 'Literature after Television' 'Schrijven en Filmen' conference of FTW, UvA (15-17 May, 1992).
• 'Film and TV Spectatorship in Historical Perspective', University of Bergen (18 June 1992)
• 'Early Cinema Interactive' paper delivered at the Domitor Conference, University of Lausanne (5 July, 1992)
• 'Broadcast Television and the Social Contract', paper given at the 'Europäische Medienkultur' symposium, University of Hamburg (23 October 1992)
• 'Forgetting Fassbinder?', Goethe Institute, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA (29 October 1992)
• 'Fassbinder Ten Years After' paper given at the 'Bitter Tears of R.W.Fassbinder conference, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, USA (1 November 1992)
• 'E.A. Dupont: emigré et vagabond', Cinémathèque Française, Paris (6 November, 1992)

Papers, Conferences and Invited Lectures in The Netherlands
10 Feb 1992 'Masculinity in Crisis: Fathers and Sons in Weimar Cinema', paper for Culturele Studies, UvA
27 Sep 1992 'Dutch cinema as National Cinema', Nederlands Filmdagen, Utrecht
20 Nov 1992 'Between Holland and Hollywood' paper given at the 'De onmacht van het grote: cultuur in Europa', UvA,
10 Sep 1993 'Wim Wenders and Tokyo GA' presentation at the Desmet Cinema, Amsterdam
13 Dec 1993 'Fassbinder Today', lecture at Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam ().
22 Apr  1993 'de Toekomst van de mediageschiedenis', Amsterdam (KNAW/GBG) (1993)
02 Nov 1993 Touching the Image', paper at the 'Word and Image' Lustrum, Vrije Universiteit
03 Feb 1994 'Das Kleine Fernsehspiel: A Brief Retrospect', presentation at the Rotterdam Film Festival
25 Mar 1994 'The Psycho-Semiotic Moment', paper at the Christian Metz Workshop, Amsterdam
31 May 1995 Conception, Organization of Tender Bodies Twisted Minds conference, University of Amsterdam, with guest speakers from USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and Greece.
18 Jun 1996 Chaired and Introduced ASCA Workshop with Harun Farocki, Amsterdam.


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